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Richard L. Reising

Follower of Christ, Husband, Father, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Venturer

I am blessed to spend much of my life at the intersection of my greatest passions: brilliant strategy + health-focused churches (organizations) + life-giving change. At this intersection, I spend most of my time consulting for churches, ministries and smart companies—increasing their connectivity and master-planning healthy, momentous growth. I do this alongside of a great team of passionate believers at a set of companies my wife and I founded in 1999, namely Artistry Labs and Perpetua Technologies, wherein we take on big challenges and create strategic transformations for those we serve.

When I have the opportunity, I speak on the topic and consolidate my thoughts into writing. This has led to my first book, Church Marketing 101, published by Baker Books, our youTube video, What if Starbucks Marketed Like the Church, and my sometimes neglected blog, Beyond Relevance.  As well, I have a few new things percolating, including another book.

To be honest, I'm on a crazy/fun journey. I started this walk with Christ as a teen and it has been a wild ride. It led me to trade my engineering degree in for a marketing one, find the girl of my dreams, and leave the corporate marketing world for a God-given vision to serve churches back when mentioning "church" and "marketing" in the same sentence would get you struck by lightning. It led me and my amazingly trusting young wife to leave two executive level marketing positions, turn down an insanely lucrative investment offer, sell our home, sell one of our cars, move in with relatives and qualify for welfare for two years in order to start a company God's way—a company that would have the honor, over a decade later, to have served thousands of churches, ministries and smart companies.  

To fully get me and to get what drives me, you really should read Church Marketing 101. It's perhaps a confrontational title, but I assure you, along with endorsements from Saddleback, Willow Creek, and Gateway to Christianity Today, Relevant Magazine, Moody Bible and Dallas Theological Seminary, it's worth the read. It's even been positively reviewed in a Mennonite periodical. If you haven't read it, trust me, it will challenge your thinking in a big way. ;-) It really will.

Day by day I continue to move forward—discovering new keys to unlock doors of growth for clients and exploring new dynamics and analytics that affect personal and organizational health. While I'm busy working to create masterful plans, God is smiling, reminding me that man makes his plans and the Lord orders his steps. It's pretty cool when we get to work together with God in this way. When I'm not working, I am enjoying downtime with my wife, Michele (the girl of my dreams), spending frequent flyer points and perhaps playing some golf or an occasional game of soccer.

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