You've got that scene from Office Space in your head right now, don't you? You know, when they bring consultants in and half of the company gets laid off?

This is a different kind of consulting and Richard Reising is a different kind of consultant. It's not about firing your staff; it's not about making everyone work extra days; it's not about changing your organization to be more efficient; it's about changing your church to be more effective.

Richard will talk about how you are currently connecting with your community. He'll talk about ways your church can grow and empower you to discover your church's true potential. He'll give you a unified passion and a strategic path for accomplishing the vision that God has given you. Richard will encourage and challenge your church, working in relationship with you to help you more effectively reach your community for Christ. 

Great Strategy Starts at the Core

Richard's worked with hundreds of churches, ministries, and organizations around the world through Artistry Labs' Connectivity, Branding and Promotional consulting services.

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