ChurchMarketing 101

ChurchMarketing 101: Preparing Your Church for Greater Growth.

By Richard L. Reising

You'll find this handbook to building a contageous church inspiring and encouraging. It’s everything you’ve been secretly thinking about church and the practical solutions churches today are looking for. In this book, Richard offers fresh insight into what creates and hinders church growth. From a solid, biblically-based foundation, he reveals how small changes can have a big impact and how strategic marketing can set your church apart—creating momentum that changes the life of your church and community for eternity.

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Some People Who Like It absolute must-read for all church leaders. I loved it!
                                               -Mike Schreiter [Managing Editor] Christianity Today

...Church leaders need to read this book.
                                                -Darren Whitehead [Next Gen Pastor] Willow Creek

...a must read for anyone who is committed to reaching their community.
                                 -Dr. David Dykes [Senior Pastor] Green Acres Baptist Church

...Required reading for every pastor in America.
                                                 -Brad Abare [Founder] important message for the church to hear and apply.
                                                      -Robert Morris [Senior Pastor] Gateway Church far the best, most informative marketing book I've ever read; secular or spiritual!                                     -Ivan Carson [Executive Assistant Pastor] Northside City Church

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